CET claim window opens in England

The AOP has updated its FAQs on claiming the Continuing Education and Training allowance in England

CET grant

The window to apply for Continuing Education and Training (CET) allowance in England has opened today (1 July).

The payment for the claiming period is £596. The window to claim CET grants closes on 31 October 2022.

The AOP has produced a suite of guidance and FAQs on claiming the CET grant. This includes a step-by-step guide to making a claim for performers and contractors.

Claims must be made through a contractor. Employers are expected, though not obliged, to claim through their employer, and similarly, locums are advised to approach a contractor they have previously worked for, though this is not mandatory.

The AOP has added new guidance to its FAQs, written specifically for contractors who might have questions around helping locums to claim their CET allowance.

The membership organisation shared: “Whilst this is not an obligation, we strongly encourage contractors to help those who have worked for them, including locums, in the interests of the sector.”

Performers are recommended to look for a contractor early in the claims window, as it can take some time to arrange. The FAQs detail advice for members who are unable to find a contractor to support their claim.

Claims must be submitted online, and performers need to be registered with the correct roles on PCSE Online. 

The rules for CET claims have not yet been finalised for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The AOP confirmed it would provide more information on how to claim the grant in these countries as soon as possible.