AOP reveals CET programme for 100% Optical Online

The programme includes seven CET-accredited sessions covering topics including myopia, intracranial tumours, dry eye and more

100% optical audience
The AOP has developed a programme of CET to be delivered at 100% Optical’s virtual event next month.

For the first time, 100% Optical will run as a two-day virtual event between Sunday 23 and Monday 24 May, with delegates joining on the Sunday for a day of CET-accredited sessions and networking with suppliers.

The AOP-led education programme at 100% Optical will include seven sessions on a variety of subjects including myopia, dry eye and optical coherence tomography (OCT).

Commenting on the programme, AOP head of education and OT’s clinical editor, Dr Ian Beasley, said: “The CET programme, curated by the AOP, covers the cornerstones of clinical practice.”

“The day will open with a session from the AOP’s clinical negligence team on how to spot the red flag signs and symptoms of intracranial tumours,” Beasley explained, adding: “The hot topic of myopia is another standout session and with the emergence of spectacle lenses in addition to contact lenses as a viable management option, this will be of relevance to all practitioners and the wider practice team.”

“Other highlights will look at the role of the tear film in relation to the health of the ocular surface, latest retinal imaging modalities and contemporary approaches to subjective refraction and dry-eye related content,” he said.

Speaking to OT earlier this year, Beasley confirmed that the education programme will provide delegates with an opportunity to earn CET points across several core competencies, with sessions each offering one interactive point.

Dry eye, OCT, myopia and more: on the agenda for 100% Optical Online

Title: Red flags spell danger
When: 9:30
The education programme on 23 May will begin with a session delivered by AOP clinical director, Dr Peter Hampson, and AOP head of clinical negligence, Efa Schmidt, on spotting the ‘red flag’ signs and symptoms of intracranial tumours. The clinical negligence team will also discuss the considerations around ongoing support for patients and the implications this has on the cost of these cases from a civil perspective.

Title: gO C The periphery
When: 10:45
Delegates will then be able to join a session led by optometrist and lecturer Simon Browning, on how the use of ultra-widefield imaging enhances the ability to detect and analyse changes in the peripheral retina using conventional structural imaging, as well as functional retinal analysis using autofluorescent imaging. The session will also explore the latest use of this technique, when combined with integrated OCT. 

Title: Barriers to myopia management – an update
When: 12:00
With research suggesting almost half of the world’s population will be myopic by the year 2050, and the population of Western Europe alone set to reach that by 2040, Dr Manbir Nagra will give a lecture exploring the barriers to myopia management, considering those that have been overcome, and identifying those that still remain.

Title: A new approach to subjective refraction
When: 13:30
This will be followed by a session led by Dominique Meslin, director at Essilor International, on new approaches to subjective refraction. With the introduction of automated algorithms to produce continuous power changes, Meslin will present the principles of this approach, such as automated fogging/defogging techniques for controlling accommodation, undertaking precise sphere adjustment and outlining a vectorial technique for cylinder determination. Meslin will also discuss how this approach could match the true ‘dioptric sensitivity’ of patients.

Title: Looking beyond the tears
When: 14:45
Serena Dunwoody, senior professional affairs associate with Bausch + Lomb UK, will review the composition of the tear film and discuss its role in the overall health of the ocular surface, also looking at the effect of soft contact lens interaction with the tear film and ocular surface. The lecture will also discuss quantifiable methods of assessment in practice to help to retain patients safely and comfortably in their lenses.

Title: In the frame – materials, dispensing and sustainability
When: 16:00
Senior lecturer and course lead for BSc Ophthalmic Dispensing at the University of Central Lancashire, Peter Black, will then deliver a session considering spectacle frame dispensing and issues caused by poor frame selection, as well as exploring current frame materials and environmentally-friendly options.

Title: Dry eye in the digital age
When: 17:15
Rounding off the programme, Nick Dash, optometrist, dry eye specialist at the Midland Eye Clinic in Solihull, and optometric director of the Matrix Eye Clinic, will tackle the topic of dry eye in a digital environment, outlining how practitioners can turn digital technologies into effective diagnostics and communication platforms, as well as considering innovative approaches to diagnosis and treatment plans.

Delegate pre-registration for the virtual event is open and available online

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