Understanding blue light

Delegates at 100% Optical heard that people are not protecting their eyes appropriately from the dangers of blue light

Dr Shelby Temple

Director of Azul Optics, Dr Shelby Temple, told attendees at 100% Optical (12–14 January, ExCeL London) that there is a lot of confusion around blue light.

“People have become fearful and do not understand what blue light really means,” he said.

Dr Temple highlighted that a certain amount of blue light is required, but “too much of a good thing is a bad thing and that’s the problem we have.”

He noted that sunlight is a major issue in modern environments and a failure to protect ourselves is causing overexposure to blue light.

“In the past, we lived a more natural lifestyle with trees and grass that absorb a lot of blue light, but today we live in cityscapes where car windows and concrete reflect that bright light back into our eyes. We are actually putting ourselves at increased risk by being outdoors in modern society and not protecting our eyes appropriately,” Dr Temple explained. 

Watch Dr Temple talk to OT about how blue light can affect eye health below.