Clarifying the message on blue light

Dr Shelby Temple speaks to OT  ahead of CET session at 100% Optical

Dr Shelby Temple

The dangers of blue light will be explored by the director of Azul Optics, Dr Shelby Temple, at 100% Optical 2019, which takes place on 12–14 January at ExCeL London.

Dr Temple will present Is blue light dangerous, can macular pigments help protect the retina, and we can measure macular pigments? on Monday 14 January at 2–3pm on the Main Stage at 100% Optical 2019.

Speaking to OT about his session, Dr Temple said: “There’s a lot of confusion around blue light. We all understand that ultra-violet light is dangerous but what we fail to realise is that blue light is just another wave length in the light spectrum and it is also dangerous – it has high energy.”

“A lot of things have happened since the Boots blue light scandal and people have gotten fearful – not really understanding what blue light means. I want to clarify the message around blue light,” he added.

Dr Shelby Temples previews his CET session at 100% Optical