The benefits and risks of laser surgery

John Bolger tells OT  that optometrists should explain that laser procedures are an option for contact lens patients ahead of his CET session at 100% Optical

John Bolger

Consultant ophthalmologist and clinic director at My-iClinic, John Bolger, will discuss the role of femtosecond lasers in the management of refractive error during his presentation at 100% Optical 2019.

Mr Bolger’s Main Stage session on Saturday 12 January at 5pm will highlight the benefits and risks of the procedure and what it means to practitioners to be able to offer it as a treatment option to patients.

Speaking to OT about the presentation, Mr Bolger said: “I think optometrists now have to face up to the fact that if they are fitting someone with soft contact lenses, they really have an obligation to tell the patient about the other options that are available.”

He shared that practitioners should explain to patients that a laser procedure is equally safe or safer than continuous wear of contact lenses.