AOP launches legal film

The AOP has produced a CET-accredited legal drama highlighting the legal pitfalls to be aware of when running and working in a busy practice

AOP films CETaccredited legal drama
The AOP has produced a new CET-accredited legal drama that aims to better inform members of the legal risks of running and working in a busy optical practice. 

The On the record: a complaint has been made film will be available as CET to AOP members and OT subscribers from tomorrow (1 July) until 29 December. It has been approved for one CET point for optometrists and dispensing opticians. 

The 45-minute film presents a practice-based scenario covering a variety of issues, including the scheduling of sight tests, maintaining accurate records, dealing with missed appointments, workplace bullying and receiving a General Optical Council complaint. It is followed by a discussion between the AOP’s legal and regulatory director, Gerda Goldinger and deputy legal director, Fiona Mitchell, that covers the issues raised in the film and the steps that practitioners should take to prevent a similar occurrence.

The film has been funded by the Central Optical Fund and the original Optical Consumer Complaints Service.

AOP members who have any questions or concerns about the issues covered in the video should email the legal team for advice on their individual circumstances. Alternatively, telephone 0207 549 2020. 

Watch a trailer for the film below.