The Ian Cameron episode

In the second episode of OT ’s new podcast series, we speak to optometrist Ian Cameron, managing director of the award-winning Edinburgh-based practice, Cameron Optometry

Releasing the second episode of The OT Podcast, we delve into the career of Scottish IP optometrist and practice owner, Ian Cameron. During the 45-minute discussion, Cameron shares insight into his passion for learning, professional variety and knowledge sharing. By his own admission, Cameron thrives on living a little bit outside of his comfort zone, but has also learnt over the years that “you can’t have all four or five burners on a gas cooker running at maximum all of the time.” He has become much better at saying no to things over the years as a result. Cameron has been managing the award-winning Cameron Optometry in Edinburgh since 2011, when he took over the family business from his father. In 2022 the practice joined the Hakim Group.

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