Ramadan 2024: optometrists share their experiences

OT  spoke with optometrists, Nadirah Talati, Abdul Akram and Yassar Yousaf, ahead of the beginning of Ramadan

As Ramadan 2024 approaches, optometrists across the UK will be preparing themselves for a month of fasting and reflection.

One in five optometrists, and four in ten student optometrists, are Muslim, according to General Optical Council data.

OT spoke with optometrists about what Ramadan means to them – as well as their tips for newly-qualified optometrists observing the Muslim holy month.

“It is a month of celebration,” optometrist, Yassar Yousaf, shared with OT.

The AOP has Ramadan at work guidance for employees and employers. Access the practical measures and tips online


“It is also a month of recalibrating your body, mind and soul,” he highlighted.

Optometrist, Nadirah Talati, highlighted that one of the biggest misconceptions around Ramadan is that it is simply about abstaining from food and drink.

“There’s a lot more that is important about this month and why we observe it,” she emphasised.

“For me, it is about being a better person,” Talati shared.

In terms of his tips for other optometrists who are fasting, Yousaf highlighted the importance of eating well in the morning.

“Have a well-balanced meal in the morning – that will keep you full for longer. I find that the first week is the hardest, so if you mentally prepare yourself for that it will make your life easier,” he said.

Optometrist, Abdul Akram, shared that fasting gives him an understanding of the experiences of other people who are also going without.

“It makes you appreciate how fortunate you are,” he said.

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