“We wanted to transform our practice”

OT  heard how Rifkind & Brophy Optometrists’ refurbishment will support the team as patient numbers grow through the Scottish community glaucoma service

The Rifkind & Brophy Optometrists practice is a deep navy blue, with the name of the practice in 3D gold lettering. The front has large windows and glass doors, and the main window is full of flag bunting

An independent practice in Morningside, Edinburgh, has celebrated a practice refurbishment that included the opening of a second testing room.

The refurbishment saw Rifkind & Brophy Optometrists decorated in calming colours and new comfortable furniture to provide a “welcoming ambience.”

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The newly-opened second testing room has been equipped with instruments including a second optical coherence tomography device, along with “top of the range” equipment. 

Over the past year, the practice has been focused on expanding services in areas including myopia management, hearing care and domiciliary.

With demand for the practice’s IP therapeutic clinic growing, the practice is also set to participate in the Scottish community glaucoma service.

Ben Wilkinson, independent prescribing optometrist and clinical director of Rifkind & Brophy Optometrists, who has completed the NESGAT qualification, said: “This will allow us to care for an additional 250 hospital glaucoma patients.”

“This clinical facility will operate alongside our regular clinic and will be the first dedicated NHS community based therapeutic clinic in the country,” he said.
With the practice set to welcome many new patients, it seemed an ideal time to upgrade, Wilkinson shared.

The refurbishment helps to provide the “family-friendly” environment that the practice is known for.

Wilkinson said that, following the redecoration, “we have created a stylish, welcoming and comfortable environment which goes hand-in-hand with our highly clinical values.”

Neutral colours, strategic lighting and thoughtful design elements were key to the redesign.

“Our patients were our main inspiration. We aimed to create an inviting environment where they’d feel welcomed and assured of our dedication to their eye health,” Wilkinson said, adding, “We understood that the environment greatly affects patients’ first impressions and general comfort level as they enter the practice. We wanted to transform our practice into a space that inspires trust and comfort.”

Interior design wasn’t the only aspect of the practice to change in response to increasing patient numbers.

A patient is positioned on the slit lamp, while the optometrist opposite looks through the eyepiece and makes adjustments
The practice is set to see patient numbers rise
To manage the growth the practice will see from the community glaucoma scheme, the practice has employed another IP NESGAT qualified optometrist and clinical assistant to help with the running of the clinic.

Team training will also ensure efficient triage and patient management.

The practice team has set out sustainability goals, aiming to reach carbon neutrality by 2025.

Initiatives in place include recycling and tree planting schemes, and promoting digital marketing over paper.

“Recognising the significance of collective action, we’ve instilled a green mindset in our team, inspiring positive changes among our patients,” Wilkinson said. “Embracing sustainable practices, we strive to contribute to a greener and healthier future for our community.”

Reflecting on how the expansion and refit of the practice will support the team in delivering a variety of clinical services, Wilkinson said: “We have always been dedicated to providing exceptional clinical eye care. The practice refurbishment will hopefully continue to bring new faces in and showcase the wide range of services we have on offer.”