“It has been an honour to be shortlisted for this award”

Family-run independent practice, Clearsight Opticians, in Milton Keynes, is a finalist in the Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards for inspiring emergency/health service

Arif and Sukaina Master at Clearsight Opticians

Clearsight Opticians in Milton Keynes has been named as a finalist in the Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards.

The practice, which was established in 1995 by husband-and-wife team Arif and Sukaina Master, has been recognised in the category of ‘Inspiring emergency/health service.’

The practice team’s delivery of COVID-19 Urgent Eyecare Services (CUES) prompted anonymous nominations for the award.

Arif Master is a qualified dispensing optician and contact lens specialist, with an accreditation in minor eye conditions and is part of the local optical committee, and Sukaina Master is the practice manager and partner at Clearsight Opticians.

The duo’s daughter, Fatema Master, has recently joined the practice as an optometrist.

The practice team believe it is a “personal touch” that sets their service apart, with Sukaina sharing: “The eye examinations are thorough and detailed; with the first aim of always taking time to address any concerns or questions the patient has, to make sure they receive the best service.”

Following the introduction of CUES in 2020, the practice began delivering the service, seeking to support the urgent eye care system.

“The whole practice is involved and dedicated to being a part of this system and ensuring patients are given the best treatment and services,” Sukaina added. “This was very rewarding as we felt we were providing that extra support and care. This also filtered a lot of unnecessary referrals to the hospitals which could be managed under primary care.”

The introduction of CUES had a positive effect for the practice and has been well-received by patients.

“Patients who normally had to wait a week or more to be seen by their GP can be seen within 48 hours,” Arif Master explained. “It has demonstrated clinical effectiveness and high patient satisfaction, and represents a successful collaboration between commissioners, local hospital eye services, and primary healthcare providers.”

Reflecting on the recognition the practice has received, he continued: “It has been an honour to be shortlisted for this award; we are very grateful and delighted to know we are making a difference to patients’ lives.

“We hope in the future to continue bringing new concepts into the practice to advance and broaden our range of eye care services for the benefit of our patients.”

The awards will be held on 17 June.