A treasure trove of eyewear, culture and history on display

In Plain Sight brings together 144 objects and artworks that put vision in the spotlight. OT  takes a tour with curator, Laurie Britton Newell

Spectacles designed by Iris Apfel to celebrate her 97th birthday, Cartier ‘white buff’ sunglasses and a virtual reality experience are among exhibition items at the In Plain Sight exhibition (Wellcome Collection, London).

Senior curator at Wellcome Collection, Laurie Britton Newell, shared that In Plain Sight explores the way people see and are seen, as well as the tools that shape the way people view the world.

“We had the opportunity to go through drawer upon drawer of spectacle lenses, some dating back to the early 1600s, and we were both [Newell and co-curator Ligaya Salazar] really struck how this is a ubiquitous form of assistive technology,” she shared.

“But also it is so intertwined with a conversation around personal style and identity – how these sometimes very small lenses chart major moments in society,” she emphasised.

In Plain Sight is at the Wellcome Collection in London until February 12.