Australian optometrist creates dry eye directory

The online resource connects patients with practitioners who have expertise in dry eye

An online resource is helping patients with dry eye to achieve relief by connecting them with optometrists who specialise in the area.

Australian optometrist, Leigh Plowman, established the Dry Eye Directory to provide guidance to patients experiencing symptoms.

“Instead of patients going through a cycle of trying drop after drop and not getting relief, the goal is to connect these patients with a dry eye practitioner, so that they can work together to get a plan and give that patient lasting relief,” he told OT.

The website is free for patients to use and for practitioners to register their details.

Since its launch in November last year, dry eye practitioners from Australia, New Zealand, the US and Scotland have registered with the website.

“It is a growing website - I would like it to be accessed from anywhere where people are experiencing dry eye,” Mr Plowman highlighted.

Mr Plowman told OT that the effects of dry eye can be far-reaching.

“With dry eye, patients can often feel depressed or lacking in confidence. To make even a small improvement to their dry eye can really improve their quality of life,” he said.

Practices with a significant investment in dry eye that would like to secure a listing on the directory can get in touch by email.