Optometrist creates children's book to ease sight test fears

Sachin Shah used his time on furlough to create an illustrated book that follows chimpanzees, Felix and Felicity, as they attend their first sight test

children's book
Sachin Shah

An optometrist has published a children’s book that aims to ease apprehensiveness about a child’s first sight test.

Sachin Shah launched The Cheeky Chimps Go To The Opticians at the beginning of July.

He was inspired to write the illustrated tale of two chimpanzees attending their first sight test as a way of familiarising children with the tests and equipment.

Sachin Shah
Optometrist and author Sachin Shah
“I have always had a passion for helping people and this is also why I became an optometrist,” he said.

“After observing how children felt about their visit to the opticians, I was inspired to write a book in the form of a mini adventure that would hopefully make the experience more positive,” Mr Shah added.

Mr Shah began working on the book last year and had more time to concentrate on the project after he was furloughed in March.

He told OT that he has thoroughly enjoyed every step of developing the book.

“I think parents tend to bring in their children only when it is a necessity, and I strongly believe prevention is better than cure,” Mr Shah observed.

“Hopefully my books can help make those early or first-time visits a less daunting experience for children,” he said.

The book is on sale through Amazon’s print on demand service.