Technological University Dublin appoints Jonathan Jackson as adjunct professor

The Head of Optometry at Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast will present a series of lectures on low vision and contact lenses


Northern Ireland’s first hospital optometrist, Professor Jonathan Jackson, has been appointed to the role of adjunct professor at the Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin).

Professor Jackson has expertise in specialty contact lens fitting and paediatric low vision.

“As a clinician who seeks to expand the evidence base for high quality optometric care, I value the opportunity to teach and hopefully encourage and inspire optometry students to grasp the exciting opportunities that arise from dealing with patients with complex ophthalmic and medical problems,” he shared.

“My recent appointment at the Technological University (TU) Dublin provides me personally with a great opportunity to do this and the team in Dublin have been very welcoming and collegiate in this regard. Hospital optometry is in its early developmental stages in the Republic of Ireland and I hope my appointment will help foster its growth,” Professor Jackson added.

He has provided input into the specialist contact lens syllabus at TU Dublin and is advising a postgraduate student whose MPhil is in the area of the contact lens management of keratoconus.

His appointment was made after a member of the contact lens team with expertise in specialist lens fitting in TU Dublin’s department of optometry took early retirement.

Professor Jackson presented his inaugural lecture at TU Dublin in 2018 and in 2019 will present a number of lectures on low vision and contact lenses.