Plymouth OpSoc brings Opfest back

The university hosted students from Cardiff and Glasgow Caledonian last month


The University of Plymouth’s Optometry Society (OpSoc) hosted Cardiff University’s and Glasgow Caledonian University’s (GCU) OpSocs for a weekend of sport and socialising at Opfest last month (22–24 March). 

The weekend is traditionally held at a different host city each year and this year’s event marked the return of Opfest after a three year absence. 

Over 60 people visited the university with Plymouth OpSoc crowned the overall winners, who were closely followed by Cardiff. 

President of Plymouth OpSoc, Luke McRoy-Jones, said: “As a society, we were very keen to see the weekend return, as many students currently studying haven’t had the opportunity to attend an Opfest weekend. While on a small scale, we hope that this weekend becomes a permanent fixture once again.”

The university organised the event with president of GCU OpSoc, Samantha McCroy, and president of Cardiff OpSoc, Daniel Burns, with sponsorship provided by Specsavers, Keeler and Boots Opticians.

Speaking about the event, Ms McCroy said: “GCU had an absolutely fantastic weekend bringing back Opfest. What a way to take a break from all of our busy timetables. One of the most memorable times we’ve had at university.”

Mr Burns added: “I feel proud of the three universities involved in organising what was a brilliant weekend and hopefully this can be the revival of a wonderful annual event.”