“You don’t have to feel trapped in a job that you are unhappy with”

Dispensing optician and self-titled director of happiness, Garry Kousoulou, launched his guide to contentment at work at 100% Optical


One morning in December, Garry Kousoulou woke up and knew that he had to write a book.

“I can only describe it as an itch,” the dispensing optician told OT at 100% Optical (12–14 January, ExCel London).

“I said to my wife, ‘I am going to write a book on happiness’.”

Mr Kousoulou said writing the book was partly inspired by his time working at Crisis during the Christmas period and seeing how people were grateful for the “tiniest little thing.”

The resulting publication, Being Happy at Work: the Optical Edition, provides profiles of people working in different roles within optics, as well as tips on a range of topics from job hunting to enhancing positivity in the workplace.

There is a ‘Happiness Barometer’ at the back of the book that readers can use as a litmus test for their workplace contentment.

Mr Kousoulou gave away more than 1000 copies at 100% Optical and said the response to the guide has been positive so far.

“Some people read it on Saturday and came back to me on Sunday to say they really enjoyed the book,” he said.

He is encouraging people to give their copy to a young person who has not yet decided on a career once they have finished reading it.

Mr Kousoulou said the aim of the book is to help people become more conscious of how satisfied they are in their job.

“If you are unhappy, then sometimes it takes something like this to think, ‘I have options,’” he emphasised.

“I think optics is a really lovely profession and if you are not happy to come to work, you have choices,” he added.