Optometrist has book on diabetes mellitus published

Chris Steele has authored an electronic textbook on the management of diabetes mellitus

Chris Steele

A new textbook exploring the systemic and ophthalmic management of diabetes mellitus has been published.

Released in an electronic format by JayPee Brothers Medical Publishers, the book has been authored by hospital optometrist Chris Steele. 

Titled Systemic and Ophthalmic Management of Diabetes Mellitus, the book aims to provide practitioners with an up-to-date reference source on the condition.

The book is described in its synopsis as providing the busy clinician with "easily digestible, practical information on all aspects of managing diabetes mellitus."

The publication of the textbook is the culmination of three years’ work for Mr Steele, who highlighted that the title will support those undertaking, or contemplating completing, higher qualifications on medical retina.

While the first five chapters of the book cover global epidemiology and different types of diabetes mellitus, as well as how these conditions are diagnosed and currently treated, the remaining 11 chapters explore the pathophysiology of diabetic retinopathy and the importance of eye screening.

The text book can be purchased and downloaded via the E Medicine 360 website.