Optegra Eye Sciences expands team

Dr Irene Siso-Fuertes joins Optegra Eye Sciences as a research associate

Optegra Eye Hospital

Optegra Eye Sciences has announced the appointment of Dr Irene Siso-Fuertes as a research associate.

The Spanish optometrist joins the research division of the private eye hospital group in order to support the team in producing outcome data reports and analysing data from the patient experience of refractive lens exchange. She will work on research across all seven UK Optregra hospitals, as well as support the team in hosting CET events for optometrists.

Dr Siso-Fuertes graduated in 2010 and completed a Masters in advanced optometry and vision sciences. She was previously a fellow for the AGEYE Marie Curie Initial Training Network, for which she completed a PhD at the University of Manchester focusing on the age-related changes in the optics of the human eye.

The optometrist has recently joined the General Optical Council register to enable her to practise in the UK.

Speaking about her appointment, Dr Siso-Fuertes said: “In Spain, the scope of optometry practice is not as broad as it is in the UK and so the opportunities are limited. I have loved my studies and research projects with really inspiring professors, and felt that pursuing a career in research in a country like the UK, where optometry is such a well established and respected profession, would widen my career opportunities."