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Married couple complete their pre-reg together

Indi Singh and Jag Kaur

A couple who have been married for more than a decade are in the process of completing their pre-reg period together at the same practice.

Indi Singh and Jag Kaur (pictured) began their pre-reg year at Specsavers in Maidenstone in October last year.

While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Mr Singh admitted, he added: “Whatever I’m doing, it’s always nicer doing it with Jag. She’s my best friend.”

When the couple met in early 2006, Mr Singh was the manager of an optical practice in Bluewater Shopping Centre. Having previously studied orthotics, he then begun studying for his fellowship dispensing diploma.

Ms Kaur was working as an assistant psychologist.

Two years after their arranged marriage in December 2006, Ms Kaur was made redundant and took a position as an optical assistant, before enrolling in a distance learning dispensing degree.

In September 2016, the couple decided to embark on a career in optometry, enrolling at the University of Bradford.

Speaking about returning to university with his spouse, Mr Singh said: “I wanted to experience university life again, only this time with Jag. And it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience – really intense, a lot of learning, but so stimulating.” 

On completing their pre-reg under the same practice roof, Ms Singh added: “Going through the process together helps with stress. And simply talking about what we’ve done that day reinforces knowledge.”

Ms Kaur agrees that working and studying together is beneficial, commenting: “Indi absorbs things quicker than me, so I can go to him with stupid questions and he breaks the information down.”

The couple are looking forward to qualifying and remaining at Specsavers in Maidenstone.