Sight test proves lifesaving for TV make-up artist

Joanne Morgan said that regular eye tests are “a must” on national TV

Made up eye

A TV make-up artist has urged the British public to ensure they have a routine sight test after she was diagnosed with ocular melanoma.

Joanne Morgan from Beaconsfield recently appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to talk about her diagnosis and operation, which was carried out at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

She decided to visit her local optician after experiencing flickering and flashing in the peripheral of her eye. Afterwards, Ms Morgan was seen by an ophthalmologist at The Claremont Clinic in London, where she was diagnosed with cancer.

“To receive my diagnosis so quickly has probably been a lifesaver for me,” Ms Morgan said.

“Regular eye tests are a must and children should also be checked because if things were blurry to them, they may just think it was normal. The medical recommendation is every 18–24 months unless you notice anything unusual, then go straight away. It could save your life,” she added.

Ms Morgan has had a radioactive plaque stitched to the back of her eye and will undergo scans every three to six months to observe any metastasis.

National charity OcuMel UK is now supporting Mrs Morgan and her family.

The charity’s national director, Jo Gumbs, said: “We applaud Joanne in going public with her ordeal and we are supporting her through her cancer treatment.

“We offer support to anyone affected by eye cancer by providing them with clear and accurate information to help them make the life choices which are right for them.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is for people to have regular eye tests, we work with many people who have had their cancer diagnosed as a result of having an eye examination, and in some cases, this has saved or prolonged their lives.”

Image credit: Flickr/Xtina5645