BBC investigates regulation of laser eye surgery

Ophthalmologist Sheraz Daya features on Rip Off Britain

Sheraz Daya

The BBC’s documentary series Rip Off Britain has investigated the practices and regulations that surround laser eye surgery in the UK.

Aired at the beginning of the month, the 45-minute television show featured patients who have undergone laser eye surgery and experienced negative side effects following the procedure.

Presented by Gloria Hunniford, Angela Rippon and Julia Somerville, the programme also featured ophthalmologist and medical director of Centre for Sight, Sheraz Daya.

As part of the programme, the BBC visited Mr Daya’s London clinic where he demonstrated how the procedure should be performed, and what care the patient should receive.

He also spoke to presenters about the work of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, the certification and standardisation of laser eye surgery. 

Commenting on taking part in the programme, Mr Daya said: “I have been delighted to take part in this documentary, having laser eye surgery is a big decision. It goes without saying that your eyes and vision are important to you and it is very important to firstly take no chances and secondly to get the very best possible care available.”

The Rip Off Britain episode of laser eye surgery can be watched via BBC iplayer.