Reuniting 25 years on

Glasgow Caledonian class of 1992 gather to mark 25 years since graduating

Glasgow Caledonian class of 1992 25 years reunion

A group of 19 optometrists reunited for the first time since graduating 25 years ago for a celebratory weekend in the city where they studied. 

The practitioners, who graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in 1992, dined at Oran Mór and stayed at the Ormidale House in Argyll for the reunion, which was initiated by Anita Brady.

Now practising across the UK and further afield, alumni gathered from Kent, Cornwall, Dornoch, Jersey and Cyprus. 

Optometrist Sue Howie, who attended the reunion explained to OT: “It was instigated after I "found" Anita on social media last year and she decided to try and contact everyone for a 25 year reunion. She managed to get in touch with every single classmate, 29 in all.”

Reflecting on the weekend, Ms Howie added: “A fabulous time was had by all. It truly was wonderful to get together after 25 years. Nothing had changed, we all got on so well 25 years ago, it was like the 25 year gap never happened.”