Optometrist is honoured for long service

Claire Pollock celebrates 21 years with Optical Express

Claire Pollock

A Glasgow optometrist is celebrating working at Optical Express for 21 years and becoming one of the company’s longest serving members of staff.

Claire Pollock (pictured) has worked for the multiple since her previous employer, an independent practice, was acquired by the company in 1995.

Originally from Glasgow, she is based at the multiple’s Castlemilk practice and is among the company’s longest serving optometrists.

Ms Pollock’s career will be celebrated as part of a special staff awards initiative implemented by the multiple to mark its 25th anniversary. The optometrist has worked in a number of Optical Express practices across Glasgow.

Reflecting on her career, Ms Pollock said: “Even though I’ve been an optometrist for 21 years now, the truth is that I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for a living when I was young.

“My brother was a dentist, so I was thinking of something in healthcare, but I wasn’t sure what I should do. I eventually decided on optics after enjoying a course about lenses as part of my physics lessons in fifth year at school.”

The optometrist added: “The thing I love about my job is that a simple eye test can tell you so much. In some cases, it can even save lives.

“Over the years, I’ve seen a number of people whose eye test has given them a second chance. When I worked in the east end of Glasgow, one elderly lady who came to us had marks on her eyelids that we weren’t happy with. When we referred her to hospital, she was diagnosed with cancer. Her son, who was a poet, later wrote a poem to thank us for getting help for his mum.

“Another female patient had trouble seeing out the side of her eyes. After we referred her to hospital she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Luckily, it was caught early enough and could be treated. She later returned with flowers for the team.

“It is extremely rewarding to be in a job which can make such a difference to people’s health,” she concluded.

Chairman and chief executive of Optical Express, David Moulsdale, said: “I’d like to thank Claire for her years of hard work and loyalty.”

He added: “Not only is she a highly experienced optometrist, she also plays a central role in the local community, having built strong relationships with patients and their families. The service she provides to them, and to the company, is unrivalled.”