Oh no they didn't, oh yes they did

Panto stars show their appreciation to practice owner for sponsoring production

Oh no they didnt oh yes they did

The straight-talking, northern managing director of Optix Software, Trevor Rowley, being embraced by a man dressed as a woman is not a sight most practitioners would ever expect to see.

However, Mr Rowley was grasped by the panto Dame when the cast of the York show Dick Whittington visited his practice, Viewpoint Opticians.

Mr Rowley has sponsored the pantomime at York Theatre Royal for the past two years, after visiting the show with his family annually since 1989. After becoming aware of the need to support York Theatre Royal, he decided that sponsoring the pantomime would be the most effective way of helping the theatre.

Explaining the benefits to the practice, Mr Rowley said: “We have been in York for 30 years and genuinely see ourselves as part of the community. It is good for both the team working at Viewpoint and our customers that we are seen to put something back into our community.”

He concluded: “A lot of people visiting us comment about our involvement with the pantomime and the team especially enjoyed meeting the cast, who were certainly a big draw when they came into the practice in costume. The cast loved the glasses so much that a couple of them have now become Viewpoint customers.”

Viewpoint Opticians opened in York in 1985. For more information, visit the practice’s website.