Independent saves patient's sight with specialist lens

A farmer who feared would lose his sight following an accident has his vision restored after receiving custom-made lens

Independent saves patients sight with specialist lens

A farmer who feared that he would lose his sight following an accident at work has praised the work of an independent practitioner who has helped restore his vision through the use of a custom-made lens.

Chris Corney suffered the injury when the wire that had been used to band 21 bales of hay together on his Finedon, Northamptonshire farm snapped, striking him in the face and slicing part of his eye. After receiving stitches, Mr Corney’s vision was left highly impaired, with him only able to make out blurred outlines at short distances.

Following treatment at a number of hospitals, the farmer was referred to the independent practice Tompkins Knight & Son, where he was treated by optometrist and practice owner Brian Tompkins.

Speaking about the accident, Mr Corney said: “The wire coiled back and sliced my eye in half. It was agony. I managed to get it treated and after the initial wound had healed they removed my existing lens. It was like a white fog had descended, all I could see was shadows and nothing else.”

In order to restore Mr Corney’s vision to the best possible outcome, Mr Tompkins sourced a specialist, custom-made silicone hydrogel lens from Switzerland, which was designed by SwissLens’ Pascal Blaser.

Mr Corney added: “I went to Tompkins Knight & Son and Brian sorted me out with a new lens which did improved things. He then went one step further and got a new lens made, which has got my vision back to the point where I can drive. From where I was to where I am now is remarkable.”