EssilorLuxottica introduces Harvard business content into Leonardo

Harvard Business Publishing will provide business and leadership content through the platform, with three learning tracks and a customisable learning experience

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EssilorLuxottica has introduced business and leadership content from Harvard Business Publishing, a subsidiary of Harvard University, to its Leonardo learning platform.

Available to EssilorLuxottica employees and eye care professionals, the content is available in a dedicated area divided into two sections: Harvard ManageMentor and Harvard ManageMentor Spark.

Harvard ManageMentor will host three learning tracks: ‘Leading Yourself,’ to support growth and enhance how people work; ‘Leading Others,’ which will cover how effective leaders inspire, motivate and communicate with teammates, and ‘Leading the Business,’ which will help viewers build a set of professional skills to drive change. Certificates and badges are available on completion.

Through Leonardo, Harvard ManageMentor Spark will deliver a customisable learning experience with more than 22,000 articles from the Harvard Business Review, 1500 videos, 1600 podcasts, and over 700 case studies.

Alessandra Senici, head of Leonardo at EssilorLuxottica, commented: “We are incredibly proud to have built an inclusive platform that sees the growth potential in every member of our community.”

Leonardo has delivered almost four million hours of education since its launch in 2021.

Senici described the partnership with Harvard Business Publishing as a “natural step” that will “provide a springboard for the incredible talent we have in the vision care space.”

Three smartphones, each displaying a different screen from the Harvard Business Publishing content on EssilorLuxottica’s learning platform, Leonardo. The foremost screen displays a ‘People development’ section courses on ‘Leading yourself’ and ‘Leading others’
EssilorLuxottica’s learning platform, Leonardo