Binocular vision explained

Zarna Dasani discusses the steps that should be taken during a binocular vision assessment

Zarna Dasani

Optometrist and orthoptist Zarna Dasani has spoken to OT about the steps that she would take during a binocular vision assessment.

In the video, Ms Dasani provides a series of hints and tips for clinicians in practice, highlighting the importance of history taking.

“The first step [in a binocular vision assessment] is to take a very effective history,” she said, adding that the age of the patient will mould this discussion.

Ms Dasani explained: “If they are very young, six to eight months, and maybe it’s the first time you are seeing them, you will want to ask how they were born, the history, and if they were premature. I think these things really start off by questioning and moulding it into the examination to come.”

Reassuring optometrists about binocular vision, Ms Dasani emphasised: “All optometrists were trained to do a cover test; all optometrists were trained to do a stereo test; and all optometrists were trained to do motility – we can do it.”