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Stakeholder engagement and relationship manager at NHS Jobs, Rachel Bowman, provides tips on using the hospital service’s dedicated recruitment website to find a hospital optometry position

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Why should optometrists looking for a position in a hospital setting visit NHS Jobs?

NHS Jobs is the official online recruitment service for the NHS in England and Wales. NHS Jobs advertises over 30,000 vacancies each month and is used by some 7000 employers.

When using NHS Jobs to search for a job, what are the first steps optometrists should take?

Optometrists should visit our website where they will find some helpful guides under our ‘Advice for job seekers’ section. There is also an option to ‘Register now,’ which will allow users to save their details and set up an automated search, as well as view suitable new posts every day.

When filling in the form itself, make sure all of the information that’s asked is added, and please do not use block capitals


What is the best way to search for a vacancy?

On our homepage, users can use the quick search function by entering keywords, such as ‘Optometrist,’ in the job reference box. This will display all relevant vacancies, from which users can then filter by experience, location and other factors.

There is also a guide called ‘Searching for the perfect job.’ which provides all the job seekers will need for effective searching.

Are there any things to be aware of when completing an application form?

We advise candidates to read the job information carefully and use the ‘Supporting Information’ section to show why their skills and experience make them right for the vacancy.

Professionals applying for positions should check that their referee contact details are up to date so that they can move quickly through the recruitment process, should your application be successful.

Users can also read our page on ‘Making successful applications’ for more tips. 

Always check the closing date carefully and apply early if you can; some employers will remove vacancies from NHS Jobs as soon as they have received enough appropriate applications


Do you have any tips for applying for a role via NHS Jobs?

We have lots of tips on our website in our’ Advice for job seekers’ section. We also share regular tips on our Twitter page and would encourage anyone looking for a position to follow us on @NHS_Jobs.

How should a candidate best prepare for an interview?

We would encourage all applicants to research the organisation, review the job description, and consider your skills and what makes you the best candidate for the role. Asking themselves what they would want if they were the employer is also useful preparation.

What is the Be My Interviewer tool?

Be My Interviewer is a selection of short videos that give you advice and practical tips on perfecting your interview technique.

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