A comprehensive eye care service

OT  visited the University of Portsmouth’s new eye clinic to find out how it is preparing students for future practise

Person has a sight test at Portsmouth eye clinic
The University of Portsmouth’s new eye clinic has been designed to make students ready advanced practise, according to senior lecturer of optometry, Malcolm Maciver.

Speaking to OT at the launch of the eye clinic on 11 October, Mr Maciver said: “Ultimately, we really want to provide a comprehensive eye care service to our patients, delivering the best quality of care to help the local community and help our students develop into the next generation of eye care practitioners.”

£2.5m eye clinic opens at the University of Portsmouth

He added that the university wants to make its students functional with all pieces of equipment that they use in practice.

“Often, there can be a risk of students getting very used to one piece of equipment and not being able to fluidly move to another piece of equipment should they be employed in a practice that works in a short form test room. It’s really about preparing students for that future practise of what they might come across when they meet community practise,” Mr Maciver shared.