OutsideClinic invests in lone working app

Use of the StaySafe app will bring the business in line with similar lone-working companies, OutsideClinic suggested

A smartphone lies at an angle, half-in frame on a grey surface. The home page is open with a range of apps viewable
Pexels/Torsten Dettlaff

Domiciliary eye care provider, OutsideClinic, has rolled out the StaySafe app to lone working colleagues as an “extra layer of protection and peace of mind.”

The company has invested in the StaySafe mobile app and cloud-based monitoring service, for its optometrists, dispensing opticians, audiologists and trainers who visit patients in their homes.

The app, which is free to download, uses GPS tracking to monitor the location of lone workers and will send alerts to the OutsideClinic control centre if a worker fails to check in on time.

The app also includes a panic button feature, allowing workers to send an alert if they feel threatened or in danger, with the control centre then able to respond to ensure worker safety.

OutsideClinic said that rolling out use of the app to domiciliary colleagues would bring the business in-line with similar lone-working companies.

A graphic presents four types of smartphone all displaying a different screen from the StaySafe app, including a login page, a Session timer, and tracking.
The StaySafe app has a range of features for lone workers

The app has a low signal mode and broad geographical coverage, OutsideClinic said, also providing in-app training.

The company suggested that, as demand for domiciliary services continues to rise, safety measures for lone workers have becoming increasingly important.

Nick Wingate, OutsideClinic’s director of professional services, said: “We take the safety of our colleagues very seriously, and the StaySafe app is a measure that we have put in place to ensure they are protected while working alone.”

“We are proud to offer this app to our workforce, providing them with an extra layer of protection and peace of mind while delivering life-changing eye and hearing services across the UK,” he added.