MiSight 1 day in practice

A panel of eye care practitioners share their insight of the new daily disposable contact lens, and how it has matched their expectations

Practitioners talking

For the panel of eye care experts, the experience of using CooperVision’s MiSight 1 day lens in practice has delivered on the early promise.

“It is easy: it is a daily disposable contact lens. It works,” BCLA president Keith Tempany explained with confidence.

Senior lecturer in optometry and director of the Ophthalmic Research Group at Aston University, Dr Nicola Logan, who has worked with the lens for five years, said that it is just like fitting a single vision lens, noting that it handles in the exact same way. “If you are changing a child from a single vision lens to a MiSight 1 day,” she advised, “their vision might feel a bit strange in the first few days. The ghosting and halos that they might see is normal. Once they realise, they adapt quickly.”

She added that “it is not like fitting a presbyope with a multifocal. Children can and do adapt really quickly.”

"It is easy: it is a disposable contact lens. It works"

Optometrist and myopia management enthusiast at Rawlings Opticians, Luke Allen, admitted that he was not sure what to expect at first. “I thought it would be more like a multifocal than a single vision contact lens,” he said in terms of fitting experience. “Overall it has been a positive result,” he added.

Reflecting on the impact of MiSight 1 day, the panel highlighted how the lens was an important step in widening the offering in practice.

Mr Tempany picked up in the importance of having a product licensed for vision correction and myopia management. “For the average child, MiSight 1 day should be first choice. It is CE-marked as a myopia control lens,” he said.

Dr Logan commented on the safety benefits of the daily disposable. “I think a lot of parents who are contact lens wearers themselves are happy with the soft daily disposable modality as opposed to ortho-k,” she said, adding that the strategy selected for myopia control “needs to be parent/child-led.”

Contact lens lead and optometrist at Cameron Optometry, Gillian Bruce, explained that MiSight 1 day’s parameter has given her additional clinical scope. “I would offer ortho-k to -4.50D, but with MiSight 1 day you could go up to -6.00D. At the other end, for the low myopes who are not going to get as much myopic control effect from an ortho-k lens you have got MiSight 1 day too,” she added.