Business DNA

The CrossEyes criteria

OT  speaks to the new co-CEO of CrossEyes in the UK and Ireland, Harpreet Kular, as she and Amardip Kular prepare to expand the multiple’s presence

CrossEyes opticians

01. Since launching in the UK in 2014, CrossEyes has operated a single price concept.

From the beginning, we have ensured that our pricing model is transparent and easy for customers to understand. When they walk into the practice the costs are on the wall and it’s as simple as that.

We believe that this concept for pricing takes the stress away for customers. Sometimes patients can walk into a practice with a budget in mind, but they may end up feeling like they have no choice but to spend more because there is nothing that they like within their price range – this doesn’t happen at CrossEyes. All prices include their pick of any frame, the lenses and glazing. 

Since opening in the UK almost three years ago, we have grown to 13 practices, and in every branch our customers’ reaction to this pricing model has been amazing. People do sometimes walk-in and ask about add-ons such as bifocals etc, and when we tell them that there are not hidden costs and everything is built in they are visibly really pleased. 

"The frame selection available in CrossEyes is ever-changing as we produce 10 new collections a year. This means that we launch a new range roughly every six weeks"

02. We offer our customers limited edition frames, without the limited edition pricing. 

Offering our customers frames that are very individual and are not mass-produced is something that is very important to CrossEyes.

We want to offer customers something that is unique to them and perhaps 10 other people – they will not see someone else walking down the High Street in the same frame. For this reason, a frame only tends to be stocked for around three or four months. 

We operate in this manner because we understand that our customers want to feel special; they want to own something that no one else has, but without the price tag.

Harpreet Kular

03. The frame selection available in CrossEyes is ever-changing as we produce 10 new collections a year.

This means that we launch a new range roughly every six weeks.

Each of our collections comprises 30 to 40 frames, which allows us to ensure that our stock is fresh, while also keeping up with changing fashion trends. As we are always designing, we can easily adjust frames and tailor them to current trends, as well as fashion trends that we think will be coming up in the near future. 

All of our frames are designed by an in-house team that is based at our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark. We also have our own supply chain, which, combined, allows us to have a really high level of control over what we offer customers. 

04. We are not just about frames – the clinical skills of our optometrists are at the forefront of our business too.

While this sounds obvious, it can be difficult to dedicate yourself to both. However, as a young company we have been balancing these needs well.

Our optometrists offer 30-minute eye examinations at a time that is most convenient to the patient. Since joining CrossEyes, I’ve regularly heard of franchisees staying open later in the evening and opening weekends when it best suits patient demand. As a company, we are also currently exploring further investment in the latest technology to help ensure that the sight tests our optometrists offer are second to none.

Our practices are franchisee-operated, with many of our optometrists having a personal interest in the business. However, we encourage them to use their entrepreneurial flare to make the right business decisions for their practice, as long as they keep true to the DNA of the CrossEyes concept. 

05. We are committed to the company’s Danish, family-centric roots.

The stores are black and white, which provides a boutique feel. They are very clean and simple in design, just like our frames. The furniture is all handmade by our founder and CEO’s father-in-law, who is a carpenter. When someone steps through our doors, the journey starts clinically with a thorough eye examination.