Good budget news for independents

Government’s small business-friendly budget a ‘positive’ for optics


The Government has followed up its freeze on sight tests with an annual budget that is good news, especially for independents.

The Optical Confederation (OC) has crunched the numbers, and highlighted benefits in the budget including rates, corporation tax and stamp duty.

OC chair, Chris Hunt, said: “After the recent bad news on optical fees, this business-friendly budget will bring some welcome good news for the sector, particularly small businesses.

“In general, this is a positive budget for optics,” he noted.

While £3.5bn in savings are required from departmental budgets by 2019–20, the health budget was protected.

Mr Hunt also emphasised the importance of the Government’s infrastructure investment, including the funding for London’s Crossrail 2 and train links between Leeds, Manchester and other northern towns.

A sugar levy was introduced to target childhood obesity, and its associated diseases, from diabetes to diabetic retinopathy.

More information on the 2016 budget can be found on the Government’s website.