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Specsavers shares details of its opportunities across the UK

Joint venture partnership is the secret to our success here at Specsavers.

Owning, leading and growing your very own business is considered by many to be the pinnacle of your career as an optometrist. 

David Martin, head of partner recruitment UKI and Ireland at Specsavers, said: “We believe that professional optics should be led by opticians and owning and running your own store gives optometrists the opportunity to be the leaders they were born to be. The support from the Specsavers team together with our on-going training, not just for CET, but also honing our JVP’s business and commercial skills is the recipe for commercial success.”

So how does it work?

Becoming a JVP is an opportunity to buy shares in an established, successful and profitable business working alongside an experienced retail partner.

At Specsavers, an optometrist partner owns their own business. This encourages a level of autonomy you might not expect an optician to enjoy, supported by the highest quality of automated equipment. It’s the perfect environment for ambitious optometrists.

As a partner, you receive a guaranteed salary as well as your share in 100% of the profits from the business.

"By joining Specsavers as an optical JVP, you will be able to combine your optical and entrepreneurial ambitions with the commercial strength of the market leader"

The price to purchase the shares is confidential at this stage but once you have successfully completed the recruitment process, we will be able to provide you with all the information and support you need to take your step towards partnership. 

As an initial investment, we ask for a minimum of £30,000. Mr Martin says: “Becoming a partner in a Specsavers business requires commitment and dedication. Yes, the financial rewards can be significant, but IT is as much to do with the personal pride of leading and developing your own team and being able to stamp your personality on a business.”

By joining Specsavers as an optical joint venture partner (JVP), you will be able to combine your optical and entrepreneurial ambitions with the commercial strength of the market leader.

As a JVP, you will lead the business with the aim of providing the very best in patient eye care. 

Each partnership consists of an optical JVP and retail JVP who, together, will own the business taking 100% of the profits. You take care of the day-to-day running of the business and through your commitment to the highest service and professional standards, will be able to add value and grow your business.

As an optometrist partner at Specsavers, you’ll be able to focus on creating the best clinical care journey for your customers. Our support staff can take care of IT, payroll and tax, while you get on with the work you trained so hard to perfect.

Right now we have a number of exciting opportunities requiring JVPs. A brand new store soon to open in Alnwick, a bustling market town in Northumberland, together with opportunities at the following established stores: Blaydon, in the heart of the North East of England, Hawick, the biggest town in the Scottish borders, the beautiful coastal town of Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, Cramlington in the heart of Northumbria and two locations in the heart of our bustling capital, Barnet and Chiswick.

Specavers would like to hear from optometrists looking to take that next step and we’ll be delighted to give interested parties a guided tour of these locations to give them a first-hand experience of not only where they would be running a business, but also the chance to immerse themselves in the local community to get the lay of the land. 

"Becoming a partner in a Specsavers business requires commitment and dedication"

Mr Martin explains: “Running the business can be the easy part. We spend as much time on getting the right store for the right partner as we do ensuring that the partner, particularly if they are new to the area. Making the right choice of location is critical for a partner, so we ensure that they get to check out local housing stock, schools, leisure facilities and a real feel for the local community they are committing to being part of, not just for their current circumstances, but for the longer term.

Do you want to be part of the Specsavers success story? Do you have what it takes to join the partnership?

For more information on these opportunities please call Simon Williams on 07901 517603 or drop him a line via email [email protected]

If you’d like to be informed of any future opportunities don’t hesitate to register by visiting and we’ll keep you up-to-date on future developments and opportunities across the Specsavers store portfolio.

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