Bird collabs with WWF and RSPB to support endangered species

The brand has launched two new performance frames to raise awareness and funds for the conservation of puffins and swifts

A pair of black sunglasses with orange-yellow rounded lenses lay on an open cork sunglasses case
Bird x WWF

Bird Eyewear has launched two new frame collaborations with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) to raise awareness and funds for two endangered species.

Ed Bird, founder of Bird Eyewear, explained the ethos behind the two partnerships as part of the brand’s approach to creating stylish eyewear that “contributes to the preservation of the natural world.”

Developed with WWF, the ‘Puffin’ frame supports the conservation of the puffin, imitating the bird’s distinctive black, white, and orange plumage.

This species of bird faces a potential 90% population decline within the next 30 years. The UK is home to over 10% of the global puffin population.

A pair of black square sunglasses with arms that feature a gradient from black to clear
Bird x RSPB
Bird’s ‘Swift’ frames, created in collaboration with RSPB

The ‘Swift’ frame, created in partnership with the RSPB, features a design inspired by the bird’s profile and speed.

The collaboration aims to help protect the iconic swift, as populations of this bird have experienced significant declines due to habitat loss and decreased breeding success.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the ‘Swift’ and ‘Puffin’ frames are donated to the respective organisations in order to help protect the endangered species.

Both performance frames have been made from a plant-based patented material with Bird’s Activ-Adjust core technology with set-and-stay functionality for a personalised fit.

The sunglasses have hydrophobic anti-glare lenses designed to enhance colours, reduce glare, and provide UVA protection.

Bird commented: “Our partnerships with the RSPB and WWF align perfectly with this mission, allowing us to create fashionable and eco-conscious sunglasses frames that support crucial conservation efforts for these remarkable birds.”