Silhouette abuzz for biodiversity

In recognition of International Day for Biological Diversity, the eyewear group has highlighted its 10 colonies of honey bees and 4.9 acre parkland

A line of wooden hives is nestled between trees in a green space before a wall with the Silhouette logo
Silhouette Group

The eyewear manufacturer, Silhouette Group, is celebrating International Day for Biological Diversity today (22 May) with its buzzing group of 200,000 honey bees.

The group has cultivated a 4.9 acre parkland on its premises in Linz, featuring native and local species of plants to produce quality soil and improve the microclimate.

The gardens are irrigated by three groundwater wells in a circular water system that returns to the groundwater through untreated soil.

The group suggests the water system helps it to save around 400,000 gallons of drinking water every year.

In May 2023, Silhouette established 10 bee colonies in beehives across the garden, with 200,000 honey bees.

The bees collect pollen within a radius of up to 1600 feet, Silhouette shared, pollinating the plants and helping to propagate 80% of wildflowers and crops.

Honey produced from the bees is made from a blend of pollen collected from the plants on site and in the surrounding areas.

Silhouette shared that the company grounds demonstrate “business and biodiversity are not mutually exclusive but can flourish side-by-side.”

The eyewear group has recently celebrated a Red Dot design award 2024 for its Titan Minimal Art collection.