Odette Lunettes partners with The Eyewear Stylist

The partnership marks the entry of the Belgian eyewear brand into the UK market

A blonde woman wears a bright blue suit and circle sunglasses and leans against a black car
Odette Lunettes

The Belgian eyewear brand, Odette Lunettes, has landed in the UK with The Eyewear Stylist as its UK partner.

Odette Lunettes was founded in 2015 by Belgian TV host, Eline De Munck and visual art director Bob Geraets.

The brand currently has distributors across Europe, the Middle East, the USA and Canada.

Commenting on entering the UK market, De Munck shared: “Opening our doors to the UK after nine years is an exhilarating step for Odette Lunettes. We are thrilled to collaborate with Daniel Scott of The Eyewear Stylist, who shares our vision and will elevate Odette Lunettes to new heights in the UK.”

Odette Lunettes’ collections include the Voyeur line which features frames with extravagant designs, and Allure, with frames for fans of contemporary beauty.

The brand also offers a 3D-printed children’s collection, Cadet.

Discussing the partnership, Scott shared: “I see the passion behind the brand. Eline truly knows what she wants to create, and I completely get it. The approach to content creation is really something fresh and exciting, just what the industry needs.”

Along with the brand’s approach to content creation, Scott suggested the accessible price point of Odette Lunettes would appeal to independent optometry practices.

“Odette Lunettes brings a fresh perspective to the eyewear industry, with designs that are a twist on the familiar, yet edgy. The brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and affordable luxury is commendable,” Scott said.

He added: “I’m excited to get involved with the brand at such an early stage in the UK, as I can truly see the potential for it to skyrocket as the brand develops its identity and refines its craftsmanship over time.”