Ultra-responsive Gen S lens launched at Transitions Academy

The Gen S is ultra-responsive to light and will utilise HD vision and a newly revamped colour palette to revolutionise the lens category, Transitions said

Woman in a white suit speaking on the Transitions Academy stage
Austin Dohohue

Transitions has launched a lens that promises to “set the new standard for prescription glasses” at its annual conference in Orlando, Florida.

The Gen S lens is ultra-responsive to light, with capability to adapt and improve vision quality in all conditions more quickly than ever before.

It “proposes a solution for comprehensive vision that goes beyond traditional correction,” Transitions said.

Available in eight colours that have been created in partnership with Pantone, the Gen S lens will officially launch in April.

It will be available in brown, graphite green, grey, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, amber and emerald.

The Gen S Ruby, revealed ahead of Valentine’s Day, is a new addition to the Transitions portfolio of colours.

Including revamped lens colours and increased opportunities for personalisation is key to the product, Jerome Butez, vice president of global marketing and chief marketing officer for Transitions Optical at EssilorLuxottica, said.

Butez added that Gen S allows for free movement between physical and digital worlds, and improves fundamental vision quality.

The lens will revolutionise the lens category, Transitions added, utilising fluidity, self-expression and technological innovation to improve quality of life across all generations.

It is hoped that the innovative and vibrant colourways will help to unlock the lens amongst younger customers, although it has been designed as a multigenerational product.

Gen S lens


years that it took to create the Gen S lens


prototypes that were worked through before Gen S was finalised


faster vision recovery with the Gen S lens


of users said they could see well in all light situations when wearing the Gen S lens

Physical and mental wellbeing are key for Transitions, Chrystel Barranger, president EMEA wholesale and global president for Transitions Optical, said.

She added that improving quality of life requires focus on people’s needs and desires, which includes connectivity and mobility.

“A lens has more to offer us than just correction,” Barranger said.

The younger generation are receptive to the benefits of technology and the Gen S represents an opportunity to move lenses from something that people need to wear to something they love wearing, she added.

It is “time to add leisure and desire to prescription lenses,” Barranger said.

She added that Gen S utilises “technology that you forget because it is totally in line with your life.”

Gen S frames
Austin Dohohue

Brian O’Neill, global vice president for innovation, technology and operations at Transitions Optical, said that Gen S’s complex light management system demonstrates a “quantum leap,” and that it is the fastest dark lens that has ever been created.

The lens is “synergistic with your daily life and all your environments,” O’Neill said.

It has taken five years and 450 prototypes to create the final version of the Gen S lens, Transitions revealed.

Transitions Academy is taking place at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando, between 12 and 14 February.

More than 1300 delegates from 52 countries have gathered for the annual event. It is the largest Transitions Academy since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Transitions Gen S will be available from April 2024.

Lead image: Chrystel Barranger, president EMEA wholesale and global president for Transitions Optical, introducing the Gen S lens at Transitions Academy 2024