New collection of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses released

The frames feature live streaming capabilities, as well as an improved camera and audio systems

Three frames are displayed, all with wide arms incorporating the audio technology, and with camera lenses in the top corner of each frame front. One frame is a light blue with dark red lenses, another is a matte black with yellow-brown lenses, and the last is a caramel colour with teal blue lenses

EssilorLuxottica and Meta Platforms (the business behind Facebook and Instagram) have introduced a new collection of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

The frames are the first to incorporate live streaming and Meta AI features, and also benefit from a 12MP camera for capturing high-quality photos and videos.

The companies suggest the livestreaming function could be beneficial for content creators. Users can toggle between the glasses and a phone camera to Instagram Live or Facebook Live for up to 30 minutes.

At the time of the launch, the Meta AI feature is exclusive to the US. The tool enables wearers to use the voice prompt ‘Hey Meta’ to control features of the frames.

The audio and microphone systems have been improved in the new collection, with increased bass response and noise suppression in the open-ear speakers.

Each pair has five built-in microphones to allow for seamless switching between music and calls, while also allowing the wearer to hear their surroundings.

The privacy LED light has been made larger and more noticeable, the manufacturer said.

The collection is made up of 21 styles, colours and lens variations, and includes Ray-Ban's iconic ‘Wayfarer’ models.

A new design has also been created for the collection, ‘Headliner’ (pictured), which is designed to be more inclusive.

Rocco Basilico, chief wearables officer for EssilorLuxottica, said: “We’re incredibly proud to collaborate with Meta to build this nascent category from the ground up.”

Describing the features of the glasses, Basilico shared: “The world sees you in a pair of your favourite ‘Wayfarer’ [frames], perhaps with your own prescription and Transitions lenses that go from day to night, but you know you have this powerful universe of tech inside. Meta AI, live streaming, and insanely crisp audio and calling capabilities – all hands-free.”

“This is what we imagined when we first decided to enter this space,” he continued, adding: “Truly wearable, life-enhancing technology. And it will only get better.”

The new collection of smart glasses was launched during the Meta Connect event.

The frames can be available in prescription, sun, clear, polarised or Transition lenses.

Through the Remix functionality on the Ray-Ban website, the frames can be further customised, choosing frame colour, lens options, and finish.

A redesigned app, Meta View, has been released alongside the new collection, designed to be more intuitive, along with a charging case for the frames.

The new collection is available from 17 October through Ray-Ban stores, select EssilorLuxottica retail stores, and wholesale distribution in the US, Australia, and across Europe, including the UK.