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Top trend: 3D-printed eyewear

Optometrist and lifestyle blogger, Lizzy Yeowart, picks out 3D-printed frames to look out for, and highlights standout eyewear for this season

Lifestyle Half Moon by Wires Glasses
Wires Glasses

The 3D-printed eyewear market is growing exponentially. It is an additive manufacturing process, often using polyamide powder hardened with laser, which only consumes the material required to form the product.

After printing, the eyewear undergoes a range of finishing steps, such as glass blasting, colour coating, and final assembly. The technology enables endless designs to be created, which are fully customisable for a perfect fit.

‘Half Moon’ by Wires Glasses

Half Moon by Wires Glasses

UK-based Wires Glasses uses stainless steel wire for their frames and 3D printing for the lens rims. The company strives for zero waste and considers its eyewear akin to jewellery – something to be kept and treasured.

‘Entertainment’ by Monoqool


‘Entertainment’ is from Monoqool’s Slider collection. The frames are produced from up to 600 super-fine layers, for flexibility and strength.

‘Okie Dokie’ by Fitz


Fitz makes bespoke 3D eyewear suitable for everyone aged three and beyond. The lightweight material in 3D-printed eyewear makes an excellent choice for children.

What’s hot in August/September 2023?

Pendulum of inspiration

‘Swaai Stel’ is one of four designs from Theo Eyewear’s new Swing collection. The multi-coloured round design typifies the Belgian brand’s bold aesthetic.

Strike a pose

Heptagonal-shaped ‘Punchina’ is one of the standout designs from Etnia Barcelona’s newly-launched Alter Ego collection, which draws inspiration from the world of classical sculpture.

The art of renewal

Masahiromaruyama’s newest collection, Kintsigu, is named after the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold; a metaphor for embracing flaws and imperfections. The collection comprises both metals and acetates.

To the hills

‘Kvanne’ is one of three new additions to EOE Eyewear’s sunglass collection. Named after a mountain plant, it has a modern, elegant, and streamlined oval silhouette.