Cubitts collection celebrates 10 year anniversary

The five designs take inspiration from mid 20th century designers

Female model wearing Cubitts new frames
Cubitts has unveiled a new collection inspired by 20th century designers, in recognition of the brand’s 10th anniversary.

The collection, ‘The Emotional Utilitarian,’ is inspired by modernist principles that merge function and utility with beautiful design – an approach that Cubitts has drawn from since its beginnings in 2013.

The new designs take inspiration from mid 20th century designers Gerald Summers, Eileen Gray, Donald Judd and Isamu Noguchi.

Tom Broughton, Cubitts’ founder, commented: “Modernist design shows that functionality needn’t be at the expense of personality. And so, as we approach our 10-year milestone, I’m excited to use the design language of our very favourite designers in a micro collection, for the first time.”

The frames ‘Handel’ and ‘Kember’ have been introduced into the core collection, while Cubitts has also revealed three limited-run experimental designs: ‘Moray,’ ‘Untitled,’ and ‘Noguchi.’

Broughton explained: “Each new frame has its own unique soul and character – the folded origami of Nogushi, the bold transparency of Donald Judd, the intricate lamination of Eileen Gray, and the delicate curves of Gerald summers.”