Coral Eyewear teams up with British Cycling

The sustainable brand will provide the Great Britain Cycling Team with performance and lifestyle sunglasses

Two cyclists, their head and shoulders out of frame, cycle just beyond a white line marking the edge of a road through a rural setting. Their shadows are long and stretch across the tarmac road towards the camera.
Pexels/Pavel Danilyuk

Coral Eyewear has been named an official supplier of the Great Britain Cycling Team (GBCT) through a new multi-year partnership with British Cycling.

The agreement will see Coral provide performance and lifestyle sunglasses to the staff and athletes of the cycling team.

The team will be sporting Coral’s range at the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships in Glasgow, between 3–13 August.

Coral also revealed plans to launch performance cycling sunglasses in autumn.

The brand has worked with GBCT medical directors through the design process, with the goal of helping to improve eye health in the organisation and identify potential performance gains.

As well as supplying the team with frames, the brand will additionally offer an exclusive discount to British Cycling members.

The partners will also collaborate on initiatives to promote cycling as a sustainable form of transport and encourage eco-friendly practice in sports.

A render of a pair of blue and white wraparound performance frames designed for cyclists. The lenses fade from a light to dark blue. The coral logo stands out in white against navy sides – the logo appears like two simplistic waves or fish shapes curling around each other, reminiscent of a yin and yang symbol

Stephen Park, CBE, performance director of GBCT, commented: “It’s brilliant to find a partner that supports our sustainability objectives while also providing top quality products for our staff and riders, but we have also brought them on board for a wider strategic purpose.

“In addition to the performance glasses riders wear during races, generally protective eyewear is incredibly important for our wider team,” Park explained, adding: “When long days are spent at outside competitions or under harsh velodrome lights, working to find ways that minimise the eye strain and resulting fatigue of that is imperative.”

This partnership forms the latest in a number of agreements Coral Eyewear has with sporting organisations.

This includes partnerships with the Lawn Tennis Association, Mahindra Racing, and Kent Cricket, as well as Saint Piran, the first professional cycling team from Cornwall.

George Bailey, co-founder of Coral Eyewear, shared the brand’s excitement for the new partnership, commenting: “Through supplying some of the country’s best young athletes with sustainable eyewear and working together with the organisation to promote the importance of eco-friendly practices in sport, I believe we can help create real impact within the cycling and eyewear industries.”