Behind the brand

“Our production is 100% Italian and always will be”

OT  heard from Vittore and Cristiana Tormen, CEOs and second generation to lead LOOK, about the 45-year milestone of the independent Italian eyewear brand

Cristiana Vittore

What makes LOOK’s eyewear unique?

From the very beginning at LOOK, we have tried to distinguish ourselves by an evolved vision, in which style and technique are the prerogative of a product designed to meet the user’s needs. Glasses are a product for everyday use. Comfort and lightness therefore become two essential factors. We have always stood out for the quality and authenticity of ethical, truly Italian production, that is consistent with what we claim.

What is the latest collection that you have launched, and what makes it stand out?

We recently launched the BOLD collection, which represents a new milestone for LOOK. These are prescription frames made of NIL (an injection moulded technopolymer) and Xinox (steel that is 30% more flexible than traditional steel without losing its natural characteristics of strong resistance) that combine significant thicknesses – without falling into overdesign – with lightness, the hallmark of all our products. The colour asymmetries of the sides add to the cool character of our brand.

Are there any new collections or projects in development that you can tell us about?

Frame in hand
The LOOK BOLD collection was a milestone for the brand
At LOOK we never stand still and there are always new products in the pipeline. We recently released our Spring/Summer 2023 collection with sunglasses in addition to the prescription frames. In the past, we had sunglasses in the sample collection, and now we have a complete offer that is consistent with LOOK’s style. The shapes are modern without being exaggerated. They express coolness – the ability to stand out with personality without feeling the need to be alternative. 

What are the company’s main ambitions for the next 12 months?

We are working on a three-year plan that envisages the development of both the technological and mechanical area, with investments in new-generation machinery, and of the structural part of the historical headquarters in Longarone (in the province of Belluno) with a major restyling that will involve a reorganisation of the spaces and workflows. At LOOK, innovation is a strong value, but the thing that will never change is the great passion we put into making the best of what the market has recognised in us: frames which are excellent and Italian.

We are driven first and foremost by a strong family bond


What do you think the biggest eyewear trends of 2023 will be?

In terms of product, bold design and acetate will certainly be protagonists in this and next season’s eyewear collections.

Looking at LOOK’s production capacity, we are ready to meet any kind of demand from the market: we can count on more than 40 years of know-how and a wide range of materials from metal to injection moulded to cellulose acetate.

LOOK-ing back: 45 years of LOOK

Could you tell us about LOOK’s approach to, and history of, manufacturing in Italy?

We were born 45 years ago in the cradle of eyewear, in the Dolomites. We still make our frames entirely here. Our production is 100% Italian and always will be.

We are siblings, the second generation of the Tormen family to lead the company founded by our father Gino. We are happy to have picked up his baton and feel the responsibility to carry it forward with commitment and passion. In our work we are driven first and foremost by a strong family bond that accompanies every phase of our life in the company and outside. This is why we want to bring a male and a female component to the top management of LOOK, so that we can see the world in which we operate with a new and balanced sensitivity.

What does it mean to LOOK to celebrate 45 years in 2023?

LOOK was born independent and has built up a financial solidity over the years that guarantees it freedom of action as a company and as a brand.

We want to be free to choose what we propose to our customers and this can only be done if we are independent. We have found that customers are increasingly oriented towards independent brands precisely because of the desire for authenticity and consistency that this type of product can represent.

What is important to LOOK about the rebrand? What are you most excited about?

More than rebranding, we speak of a natural evolution of our brand. In an increasingly competitive market context, we realised the need to be more direct and incisive through a new approach to the market in terms of design, image and communication. We therefore want to present ourselves with a cooler mood, but without losing our distinctive and well-established characteristics in the way we produce our glasses.

Three facts about LOOK

  1. We are proudly 100% Italian
  2. With our products, we cover all age groups starting from newborn babies with their first pair of glasses
  3. We make frames that perfectly combine aesthetics and functionality.