Shamir launches new driving lenses

Shamir Driver Intelligence includes two pairs of glasses: ‘Sun’ for daylight conditions and ‘Moon’ for driving at night

Formula 1 racing car on display

Shamir has launched a new lens designed to support “optimal vision” in all driving conditions.

The Shamir Driver Intelligence lenses are designed to make the driving experience “safer, more comfortable, and far more visually clear,” the company said.

Shamir Driver Intelligence, available as single or progressive vision, is a set of two pairs of glasses, ‘Sun’ for daylight conditions, and ‘Moon’ for driving at night.

The ‘Sun’ lenses feature a filter to enhance colour perception, is available in four tints, and has an anti-reflective coating.

The ‘Moon’ lens is clear with visual age-based myopic shift for improved low-light sharpness, to reduce visual noise and eye fatigue, the company suggested.

Shamir highlighted the variety of visual challenges effecting drivers as the spark for developing the new lens, pointing to changes in road conditions, varying light intensity, switching focus from the vehicle interior to the road, and modern technology such as bright LED headlights and in-car digital displays.

Analysis of surveys conducted by Shamir in 2016 suggested one in five drivers experiences eye fatigue, and 25% have trouble focusing quickly on varying distances.

The new lens was developed based on measurements of head movements and eye-tracking, to provide an understanding and prediction of driver visual behaviour.

The company applied elements of artificial intelligence and carried out professional driver trials with partners at BWT Alpine F1 Team, expanding its data set with input from professional drivers facing extreme road conditions.

Yagen Moshe, CEO of Shamir, explained that the partnership with BWT Alpine F1 Team has contributed to innovation for both, adding: “The rich insight and extensive data received from professional drivers under conditions of extreme challenges have enriched our Big Data set and have been invaluable in the development of the new driving-dedicated performance lens.”

Moshe said the lens solution provides a premium experience, “allowing drivers (professional as well as passionate and everyday drivers) to enjoy clarity of vision, whether of the road ahead or of the image in their mirrors, bringing them safely to their destination.”

The new lenses will be available in July throughout the EU, before reaching countries in the Asia-Pacific and North America in August.