Essilor launch digital campaign for Varilux

The campaign features social media assets for eye care professionals and adverts designed to target those who might benefit from trying a progressive lens

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Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

Essilor Ltd has created a new digital media campaign for its Varilux brand, seeking to raise awareness of the lenses amongst an audience with presbyopia.

The company has produced digital assets available for eye care professionals (ECPs) to download and use on social media channels to raise awareness of the benefits of the Varilux lens amongst a demographic of 40 year olds and above, who might benefit from trying a progressive lens.

essilor campaign
Social media assets include statistics from a consumer study
Assets include real-life video testimonials and social media posts featuring statistics from a consumer study which indicated that “nine out of 10 wearers were convinced by Varilux lenses after trying them for two weeks,” Essilor shared.

Adverts on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads will also target a presbyopic audience.

Launched on 11 April, the adverts encourage viewers to visit the website to find out more about the lenses and visit a local ‘Essilor Expert’ to book an eye test.

The campaign is expected to achieve more than 42 million advert impressions, with more than 191,000 expected clicks on the advert, the company shared.

Alan Pitcher, commercial director at Essilor Ltd, said the digital assets would help “drive awareness of the lens as a way to achieve sharp vision at every distance with seamless transition from near to far.”

Pitcher also suggested the campaign could help to increase footfall, by encouraging consumers to explore progressive lenses with their local practice.

Point of sale materials, window graphics and direct mail leaflets can be purchased with loyalty points.