Mido highlights packed event schedule

Taking place from 4–6 February at Fiera Milano in Italy, the event will see six pavilions and exhibition areas with focuses on design, technology, lenses and start-ups


Organisers behind the Italian trade show, Mido, have highlighted a series of events set to take place during the optical exhibition.

Mido will take place at Fiera Milano, Italy, from 4—6 February.

The show will host six pavilions and features exhibit areas including: Fashion District, Design Tech, Design Lab, Lenses, FAiR East, Tech, Lab Academy, and Start Up. Mido will also see a space promoted by the Italian Trade Agency for the promotion of the newest Italian businesses.

The event will feature a series of sessions discussing the practical activities of optometrists: How to?

The sessions will cover topics ranging from style consultations to point of sale renovations, as well as marketing and communication, with speakers from diverse sectors.

A special event, Empowering Optical Women Leadership, will be held on 4 February, supporting women on a leadership path in the eyewear industry, both in Italy and worldwide.

A discussion will also be held on Observatory on gender equality in leadership in the eyewear industry, set to outline guidelines for a pilot project to promote empowerment and an inclusive corporate culture.

Event organisers explained that the Italian Optical Goods Manufacturers’ Association (ANFAO), “has decided to make an active contribution, working alongside local and international associations, to build awareness, promote an inclusive corporate culture, encourage continuing education and foster networking.”

During the exhibition, Fondazoine Campagna Amica will present Food for sight and wellbeing.

Campagna Amica was established in 2008 to develop initiatives highlighting the value of Italian agriculture and its role in safeguarding the environment and health. At Mido, the organisation will present the early stages of a document highlighting the links between nutrition, physiology and wellbeing.

The show will also see ‘Book@Mido’ — a presentation of six books during the show.

Updates on the event can be found on the Mido website.