Eyespace at 100% Optical

Eyespace’s Ryan James discusses the eyewear design studio and supplier’s sustainability mission

By the end of 2022, all Eyespace collections will have a focus and an element of sustainability within them. “This is something we are really proud of,” the company’s export director, Ryan James told OT.

“Within the next couple of years, we are looking to shift the entire business and all of our brands to be championing that technology,” James added.

Speaking to OT during 100% Optical in April, James explained that the company works across a range of key eyewear categories, including brand licensing, staple independent brands, and those with a sustainability focus.

In this video, he shares how Eyespace’s sustainability focus began around three years ago with the introduction of its Eco Conscious collection, with the technology used to produce the sustainable range now filtering into the production of eyewear across its licensed and independent brands too.

Eyespace’s managing director, Jayne Abel, has been appointed the company’s chief sustainability officer and leads on its sustainability mission.

“It is something that she really wanted to introduce and revolutionise, not just within our business but across the optical industry and community,” James said.

Speaking about sustainability in optics, James emphasised: “Sustainable eyewear is not a category of eyewear, it is the future of our industry, and the manufacturers and the supply chains have really caught up in the last 12 months.”

“[Optics is] one of the industries within the world of fashion and accessories that is leading the way, and it’s really important that opticians embrace it. It’s not just important to our industry, but it has such a big impact on the planet itself,” he added.