Kirk & Kirk at 100% Optical

Jason Kirk, managing director of Kirk & Kirk, told OT  that colour is becoming increasingly important in a hybrid-working world

“People want colour, people want excitement,” Jason Kirk, managing director of Kirk & Kirk, told OT, discussing what people are looking for in their eyewear this year.

Speaking at 100% Optical, Kirk showcased the brand’s Centiles collection of 10mm lightweight frames in a range of bright colours and chunky styles.

Describing how people’s desire for colour is growing, Kirk said: “There is no resistance or question mark about colour… It’s an opportunity for people to express their personalities through colour and celebrate the fact they are alive.”

The move to hybrid-working in the last two years has also had an effect on style, Kirk suggested.

“All of a sudden, glasses are number one – they are front and centre of everything that you are wearing,” he said, noting that even when back in the office, many people are still in Zoom meetings.

As a result of this evolution, he suggested: “We see people’s choices being based much more around several different atmospheres.”

This makes a difference to what people select, but, Kirk said: “It feels like there are no holds barred to the colours people are choosing.”

Summarising the trends he sees in eyewear currently, Kirk said: “People are braver: bigger frames, bolder frames, colourful frames.”

He added: “Glasses are a great way of saying to people: ‘this is who I am.’”