Luxexcel and Optiswiss partner over prescription lenses for smart glasses

With 3D printing lens technology from Luxexcel, Optiswiss plans to print prescription lenses for the smart eyewear market

Luxexcel and Optiswiss

The Swiss lens manufacturer, Optiswiss, has partnered with Luxexcel to bring commercial 3D printed lenses to market for use in eyewear and smart glasses.

Through the partnership, the companies hope to accelerate prescription lenses suitable for smart eyewear devices.

Luxexcel will provide its 3D printing lens technology, with Optiswiss then printing prescription lenses for the smart eyewear market.

Fabio Esposito, CEO of Luxexcel, said of the partnership: “The combination of our technology and the experience of Optiswiss as a lens manufacturer ensures that smart eyewear producers can bring to market smart devices that addresses the needs of those with prescriptions.”

Luxexcel launched its new manufacturing platform, the VisionPlatform 7, in July 2021 to support the smart eyewear industry in manufacturing prescription smart lenses on a mass scale.

On the launch, Esposito highlighted: “To compete in the race to launch consumer-ready smart glasses, eyewear manufacturers need to address prescription in their smart glasses devices. More than 75% of the world’s adult population today requires prescription lenses.”

Described as one of Europe’s largest ophthalmic laboratories, Optiswiss said it plans to introduce the Luxexcel VisionPlatform 7 to its industrial facility in Basel, Switzerland.

This will provide a production facility for customers to manufacture prescription lenses and accelerate the launch of smart eyewear, the company suggested, as the platform can 3D print a variety of prescription smart lens solutions in a form similar to traditional eyewear.

Commenting on the introduction of the technology to the Optiswiss facility, Samuel Frei, CEO at Optiswiss, said: “We now have a digital manufacturing platform to combine prescription lenses with smart technology today, including a clear path towards large volume manufacturing of prescription smart glasses.”

The CEO said that, through the new collaboration, the company hopes to develop and bring new products to market quickly.

“By adopting innovative technologies such as VisionPlatform 7, we can provide our customers with solutions for prescription smart eyewear, giving them an edge over the competition,” Frei continued.

Deepcove Optical is the UK distributor for Optiswiss. Speaking to OT about the partnership, Roland Allen, director for DeepCove Optical said: “This investment and partnership allows Optiswiss to be able to future proof lens operations and provide a solution for smart glasses that combines a prescription and smart technology.

“There will definitely be more smart glasses in the next five to 10 years and people who have a prescription should not be excluded. These are the building blocks needed to get smart glasses to the masses. We want to be ready for the next wave as a partner to tech companies and for independent optometrists.”