Silver screen style

From frame colours inspired by movie locations, to geometric constructions and red carpet glamour, OT  wraps up the latest in product launches

model wearing frames
JF Rey

Sunglasses: Location, location, location

Barton Perreira and EON Productions Limited has released Series 2 of the BP x 007 collaboration, ahead of the September launch of the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die. The latest release in the collaboration introduces four new colours for the ‘Joe’ rectangular sunglass frame, drawing inspiration from four locations in the new film.

The ‘Matera/Green Smoke’ shade, complemented with green lenses, aims to evoke the colours of the hillside village with the same name in Italy through a greyish tortoise frame. The ‘Hakadal/Noir’ colourway offers a translucent blue frame with dark lenses, inspired by the icy landscapes of Hakadal, Norway.

The ‘Port Antonio/Safari Polarised’ offers a champagne sand-coloured frame with green polarised lenses, which the brand suggests mirrors the sandy beaches surrounded by jungle in Port Antonia, Jamaica.

Finally, the ‘El Nido/Old English Polarised’ colouring features a deep ombre brown with dark brown polarised lenses, inspired by a misty night scene in the film, set at Havana’s El Nido Bar. 

Barton Perreira

Spectacles: Constructed beauty

Jean-François Rey has introduced its spring 2021 collection focusing on minimalism and geometric effects, with features including graphic cutouts and architectural structures. The collection includes nylor frames, semi-rimmed or full-metal styles.

Within the collection, the ‘JF2932,’ ‘JF2933’ and ‘JF2934’ stainless steel designs feature two-toned frames with thin metal lines. The company explained the appearance “comes from the folding and meticulous hand colouring of a piece of metal assembled on the frame to give the optical illusion of fine interwoven lines on the top.”

The collection of designs; ‘JF2917,’ ‘JF2918,’ ‘JF2919’ and ‘JF2920’, offer semi-rimmed frames, with a ‘deconstructed’ front highlighting bold geometric shapes, while the ‘JF2916’ frame features cutout metal pieces and pops of colour for contrast.

Other lines within the collection feature aluminium frames with highlighted eyebrows or double bridges, minimalist and lightweight designs, and a line of men’s frames with double hinges reminiscent of the links on a watch strap.


Sunglasses: Style icons

Porsche Design Eyewear has launched a limited edition sunglass model inspired by its 2021 brand ambassador, the Hollywood actor, director and race car driver, Patrick Dempsey.

The limited edition version of the ‘P’8928’ style features a squared aviator shape and offers a modern take on the brand’s first sunglasses with an interchangeable lens mechanism, the ‘P’8478.’ The ‘P’8928 P Collector’s Edition’ model features a titanium frame and is available in a dark grey and black colourway.

The limited edition frame is available with four additional pairs of coloured interchangeable lenses in a soft traveller box. The lenses can be swapped to match different lighting conditions and feature Porsche Design’s Vision Drive lens technology which offers scratch protection and UV400 protection.


Equipment: Simple refractions

BiB Ophthalmic Instruments has introduced the HandyRefract binocular trial lens holder. The tool features an arm positioned to enable the optometrist or patient to hold in their hand for a “quick and handy refraction.”

The HandyRefract includes two sprung front cells, fully-rotational with axis markings for lens insertion. Both sprung cells can be removed for cleaning.


Sunglasses: Crystalline glamour

De Rigo has presented the limited-edition Chopard Red Carpet 2021 style, inspired by a bracelet in the high jewellery collection of the same name. The brand suggested the jewellery-inspired frame recalls “a sense of timeless elegance… with the evocative power of 1950s cinema.”

The 23K gold-plated metal frame features a square-shaped front piece, with 214 hand-set crystals, colour coordinated to match the hues of the gradient or lightly mirrored lenses. The frame is available in two styles, with a traditional gold and palladium-hued crystal frame and gold flash mirrored lenses, or blue and purple-coloured crystals with blue gradient lenses. 

Derigo frames
De Rigo/Chopard

Imaging: Next-gen captures

Mainline Instruments has revealed the DRSplus from iCare, described as “the next generation in confocal fundus imaging.”

The device uses a white LED illumination, combined with confocal scanning, to produce TrueColour and detail-rich images, the company shared, suggesting it provides greater image sharpness, optical resolution and contrast compared to traditional fundus cameras. Due to the confocal technology, the DRSplus can also scan through cataracts to aid clinicians in the diagnosis of ocular disease.


Coating: Antivirus properties

Zeiss Vision Care has launched Zeiss DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV, the company’s first lens coating with antiviral and antibacterial properties. The coating uses nano silver technology to actively kill 99.9% of potentially harmful viruses and bacteria on the lens surface.

Zeiss Vision Care professional services manager and optometrist, Paul Hopkins, shared: “Microbes are around us all day, every day, and can survive on surfaces for a number of hours/days or even longer in some cases. Long before the global pandemic, Zeiss scientists had begun to carry out significant research and product development in this area.”

The coating has been tested and has shown compliance with ISO standards for antiviral or antibacterial testing by external laboratories and institutes in China, Germany and Canada.* More information on the testing can be found on the

Father and child
Zeiss Vision Care

* Tested by ISO 21702:2019(E) for enveloped viruses and tested by ISO 22196:2011(E) for Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. Efficacy proven after 24 hours as defined by ISO standards. Effect is limited to the size of the lens.